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This site has been running since 1998. It is non profit making and intended to be educational. Until recently, apart from a few named pictures, only photographs taken by the web master have been used. The 2004 re-vamp has required the use of more varied and historical pictures to illustrate the text. Quite frankly, I'm not so old that I could have taken them. Well, not all of them anyway. In many cases it has not been possible to trace the original sources but if any copyright owner has objections to pictures appearing on this site please contact the webmaster. Apart from quotations, all text © N.L.E.Webster.

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Website Update Log

23-01-2012 Late update on this one - DUF 179 has changed hands and has been with Ensign of Purfleet since December 2011.

23-01-2012 Site updated to include details of Harrington Gathering - Click

22-11-2011 KCD 697 sold for £8680 (inc premium) at Brooklands Auctions. Buyer unknown... might this be leaving UK? Preserved list updated.

26-08-2011 ABO 147B Reserve not met at £8755. 35 bids. Preserved list updated.

23-08-2011 ABO 147B for sale on eBay ending 26-08-2011. Preserved list updated.

16-06-2011 Photos added to preserved list for 769 TKR

14-06-2011 AFJ 86B New Owner.

08-06-2011 New entry into preserved list - 769 TKR.

01-06-2011 AFJ 86B For Sale.

24-04-2011 ABO 145B New owner.

21-04-2011 DKT 16 Major engine overhaul complete - attended M&D 100 at Detling. GDM 494 currently off the road having restoration work done.

20-04-2011 6692 KH new owner as of January 2011.

29-10-2010 Employee list updated

26-10-2010 Preserved list - Photos added for DL 9015 attending first post restoration rally on Isle of Wight.

25-10-2010 DUF 179 sold to new owner.

20-10-2010 Employee list updated

29-09-2010 Employee list updated.

28-09-2010 Preserved list - photo of 699 RPA added.

27-09-2010 Harrington Gathering gallery enlarged with photographs from all previous years.

04-08-2010 Cavalier 2708 CD added to preserved list. Photo added for 2724 CD and additional photos of LJ 9501.

04-07-2010 Photos added to show URE 281 in restored condition.

20-05-2010 Changes to Preserved Harrington page - CYD 724C For sale and EUX 959 new owner.

28-01-2010 Preserved list - AOW 383. December 2009 bought remarkable news that a 1937 AEC Regal rebodied in 1950 has been unearthed from a garage and restoration is planned. The half cab body is metal framed and represents a type not thought to still exist.

27-01-2010 Preserved list - updated to show BCJ 710B sold to new owner (Alpine Travel Llandudno).

30-05-2009 CHA 910C scrapped by yard owner 2009. Removed from Preserved list page. Note: In error this was shown as CHA 911C.

08-05-2009 Preserved list updated to show ORL 357 new owner some time late in 2007.

30-04-2009 Preserved list - updated to show BCJ 710B listed as for sale by Ensignbus in Buses magazine.

01-04-2009 Preserved list - photo added for 548 BUF.

26-03-2009 Link to Southdown Motor Services added to pages for 749 DCD and 2722 CD

24-03-2009 Preserved list - photo added for LUF 828.

14-03-2009 Employee list updated. Photo added for MSU 252 - see preserved list.

25-02-2009 Employee list updated.

23-02-2009 Employee list updated.

12-02-2009 Update to preserved list - FSR 807 added body number and Dutch registration.

07-02-2009 Employee list updated.

06-02-2009 Preserved list - Updated with details of a remarkable Leyland survivor in Uruguay.

03-02-2009 Preserved list - photos added for 2703 CD and 2726 CD.

30-01-2009 Launch of former employee list - see Menu page.

23-11-2008 More detail added to pages about 487 GFR and YYB 118. See TH Collection.

17-11-2008 Update to preserved list - GDM 494 and 750 DCD new owners. BKM 253 Rescued from scrap yard - picture.

27-09-2008 Update to preserved list - FSR 807 restoration complete and roadworthy.

06-08-2008 Update to preserved list - 749 DCD: After a period in storage, restoration has now started.

03-06-2008 New additions to preserved listing, with photos - miniature coaches GNP1 and JMC 2

02-06-2008 Update to preserved list - TUH 11 added.

05-04-2008 Correction to error in preserved list: PCK 618 requires interior to complete restoration, not TCK 726 as previously written.

16-03-2008 Update to preserved list - GDM 494 and 750 DCD are for sale together with the rest of Classique fleet. This is not unexpected.

23-12-2007 Photograph added for KYD 151 and YDK 590.

16-12-2007 Photograph added for 570 EFJ.

15-12-2007 Updated picture of CYD 724C.

15-11-2007 Changed site visit counter to "" due to previous counter (Webstats) utilising pop up advertising.

21-10-2007 Grenadier BOF 859C removed from preserved list as it is reported sent for scrap. Attempts to locate scrapyard failed.

20-09-2007 Cavalier 477 AOP New owner.

23-08-2007 Cavalier 477 AOP. Ebay bids went to £7100 - did not make reserve. Available for sale from owner at £15k..

14-08-2007 Wayfarer IV 417 FKL has changed hands - was with travellers. New owner may restore or might consider px for alternative. Cavalier 477 AOP. Relisted on Ebay. Auction ends 23rd August.

13-08-2007 Cavalier 477 AOP. Ebay bids went to £5100 - did not make reserve. Available for sale from owner at £15k..

01-08-2007 Cavalier 477 AOP. Relisted on Ebay. Auction ends 11th August. Noted in Preserved list.

27-07-2007 Cavalier 477 AOP. Ebay bids went to £9300 - did not make reserve. Noted in Preserved list.

26-07-2007 Grenadier FUU 84C changed hands privately in June following Ebay auction during May - reserve not met. Outside storage.

20-07-2007 Cavalier 477 AOP for sale on Ebay Item number: 290139919822 ending 26th July. Noted in Preserved list.

15-06-2007 More photos added to The 2007 Harrington Gathering gallery. Thanks Geoff Norris & Stuart Neale.

12-06-2007 Photo gallery added for The 2007 Harrington Gathering.

11-06-2007 Photographs added for HVJ 583, 2722 CD and NYV 435. Revised layout to preserved list to show pre-war vehicles first. Additional text & photographs for VRF 372 in TH Collection.

03-06-2007 Photograph added for 477 GFR.

01-06-2007 KTC 330C New owner. Text on KTC 330C page revised.

28-05-2007 Photographs added for EYA 923 and VHO 200.

23-05-2007 Photographs added for KTC 330C - for sale on eBay.

23-05-2007 Photograph added for BVO 9C.

20-05-2007 Photograph added for 900 SAF, TUH 7 and 824 BWN. Preserved listing update on FUU 84B - sold.

18-05-2007 Large new section added "TH Collection"

09-05-2007 Photo added for PPF 492.

30-04-2007 Changes to Cavalier and Grenadier page (again) with new text and photographs.

25-04-2007 Changes to Cavalier and Grenadier page with new text and additional photographs.

24-04-2007 Additional photo for 6692 KH.

22-04-2007 Revision to preserved listings: DUF 179 has changed hands.

23-03-2007 Photo added for ABO 147B

30-01-2007 Photos added for NKN 650.

29-01-2007 Photo added for 7 RDV and AFJ 86B. Additional photos for 100 VRL.

28-01-2007 Miscellaneous updates to vehicle status in the Preserved Harrington list.

15-01-2007 Photo added for JNK 681C

12-01-2007 Photos added for PCK 618

11-01-2007 Photo added for 750 DCD

10-01-2007 New pages advertising Harrington Gathering 2007.

08-01-2007 More photographs added for preserved list LJ 9501

07-01-2007 Change to preserved list: 487 GFR has changed hands again. More photos added.

02-01-2007 TUH 17 removed from preserved list - destroyed in arson attack. It was being held as spares parts for another vehicle.

29-12-2006 Alterations to this page to include photo credits. 569 EFJ removed from preserved list - confirmed as scrapped following removal of parts for restoration of another vehicle.

25-10-2006 BEE 11B removed from preserved listings - confirmed scrapped. BUF 158C removed from preserved list probably scrapped.

10-10-2006 Update to preserved list vehicle status. 487 GFR & WWN 191 new owner.

29-09-2006 Preserved list: photos added for KDD 38

09-09-2006 Preserved list: photos added for WWN 191

05-09-2006 Preserved list: photos added for HLP 10C, 445 GYR , 749 DCD and MMR 552. Status update for XPM 365.

02-05-2006 Changes to Cavalier / Grenadier page with additional photo and revised text.

24-04-2006 New addition to preserved list: 548 BUF has appeared for sale on eBay.

19-04-2006 Changes to Crusader pages with additional photos and revised text.

13-04-2006 New additions to preserved list: 749 DCD and 445 GYR. Photo added for 487 GFR

24-02-2006 Correction to Wayfarer IV page regarding the identity of last body built with dorsal fin. It was WAM 441 not SAM 47.

26-01-2006 Update to preserved vehicles. Photos added for NFF 245.

07-11-2005 Update to preserved vehicles. MSU 252 sold by BCA Classic & Historic Auctioneers at Bedford 10th October 2005.

14-10-2005 Body no.1978, 264 BKM ex M&D deleted from existing list since the scrap yard where it was resting is now a housing estate.

22-09-2005 Update to preserved vehicles. Photos added for CUF 404 and SLO 24

16-09-2005 Update to preserved vehicles. Photos added for 477 AOP and CNW 155C.

23-06-2005 Update to preserved vehicles. Photos added CDK 853C.

19-06-2005 Update to preserved vehicles: MSU 252, 487 GFR and 477 AOP change of owners.

18-06-2005 Revised page for FoKAB 326 CAA with more photographs.

07-06-2005 Photo and link added - GDM 494

04-06-2005 Update to preserved vehicles. Photo added - AFJ 77B.

25-04-2005 Update to preserved vehicles - LMG 952 C

02-04-2005 Update to preserved vehicles - JP 8179

09-01-2005 Cavalier & Grenadier page extensively revised. Thanks to Chris Fenner for bringing dimension errors to my attention.

18-10-2004 Photo of 1 RDV added.

24-09-2004 List updated with 5 RDV, 7 RDV and 8 RDV. Correction to CDK 853C chassis code. Comments revised for various vehicles.

23-09-2004 Photographs added for 28 TKR, WTS 429A (60 AUF) and LJ 9501

10-09-2004 Photo of BCJ 710B and ABO 145B added to preserved vehicle list.

07-09-2004 Site revised and re-launched.

Photo Credits:

Photographs of 796 TKR by Rhod Davies.

Photographs of DL 9015 at Isle of Wight running day day © Dave Moore. (Isle of Wight Bus Museum)

Photographs of Harrington Gathering by Nigel Lukowski as marked.

Photograph of LJ 9501 on Manchester to Harrogate run by Terry Fletcher.

Photographs of 548 BUF and 2724 CD by Tim Robbins.

Photograph of ABO 145B by Kevin Brett.

Photographs of AFJ 86B by Derek Ely.

Photograph of CYD 724C Grant Sharkey.

Photograph of HLP 10C by Mike Cullum.

Photograph of KYD 151 Mike Aldron via Ray Evans.

Photographs of KTC 330 by A. Hall.

Photograph of LUF 828 by Alan Elliott.

Photograph of MSU 252 by Chris Platt.

Photograph of PCK 618 by Geoff Meek as marked.

Photograph of SLO 24 by Marie Appleby.

Photograph of TUH 7 at Plaxton 100 by John Newton.

Photographs of WWN 191, 824 BWN, 570 EFJ and RDV 7 by Ray Evans.

Photograph of YDK 590 by Phil Rawlings.

Various photographs by Clive Cook - As marked.

Some photographs in Harrington Gathering gallery by Geoff Norris & Stuart Neale. As marked.

Photographs marked ATPH are © The Association of Transport Photographers and Historians and used by permission. This organisation can be found by following this link:

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