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Harrington Coachworks closed in 1966, now quite a long time ago. Since this web site has been running I have been contacted by a number of ex-employees, some of whom worked only briefly at Sackville Works and some who for various reasons left the firm well before the end. On occasions I am contacted by family members attempting to compile their family tree and know only that a relative worked there but no other details. I am under no illusion that everybody who worked there thought it was a wonderful firm. Not un-naturally there could have been some bad feeling among those made redundant at the end of activities. Never the less, there are many who wish to be identified as connected in some way with Harrington Coachworks.

Not everybody was working there at the same time of course, so the chances that this page will definitely unite long lost friends are rather slim, but at the very least it is an attempt at a record of employees. I am aware that similar lists have been attempted but they were never gathered together for posterity and some lists have been lost altogether. If anybody objects to a name appearing, please let me know and I will remove it. Similarly, I will not under any circumstances divulge any addresses or contact details without permission. If contact details are known messages can be forwarded.

Before moving on to the main list, below is a photo of the team building the last Grenadier at Sackville Works in 1966. I have numbered the picture and some names have been associated with the faces. Memories being as they are, I had two names for some people and I have picked the most repeated answer. Can you add more?

The Last Grenadier

List Of Known Harrington Employees

If you have contacted me before October 2008 and your name does not appear on the list, my apologies. I suffered a computer crash during the year and many emails, which I thought were backed up, were lost. Please contact me again.

Name Dates working Where? Notes
Peter Ashley      
"Snowy" Awden      
Phil Barnes     Section Leader
Charlie Barrett ?-1966   No.5 in photo
Leonard Henry Bovington 1955-1966 Mechanic - later Drg. Office Known as "Bob" Bovington
Bob Brewer      
Bill Burrell ?-1966 Paint shop No.1 in photo
Neville Chapman      

Peter Courtney

George Davis   Works Foreman  
Joe Dovey ?-1966   No.2 in photo - perhaps.
Les Greenaugh ?-1966   No.17 in photo - perhaps
Geoff Greenow      
Wilf  Greenwood   Drawing Office  
Doug Grinyer      
Jerry Hayward     No.4 in photo
Vic Hayward     No.11 in photo
Adrian Hedges      
Dave Hill      
Harry Hisco   Secretary to C.H.  
Alf Howe      
Ron Humphries   Drawing Office Section Leader
Arthur Imisson     Family enquiry - employment not confirmed
Reg Jones ?-1953   Family enquiry - employment not confirmed.
Chris Kelly 1964-1965 Apprentice  
Eric Kent ?-1966    
"Gonger" King ?-1966   No.12 in photo
Ken Langridge 1944-1958    
Tom Leaney      
Ted Lee   Drawing Office Chief draftsman
Henry Charles Mead late 1950s-65/6?    
Robin Mead   Drawing Office  
Malcolm Moore   Upholstery  
Les Newbon      
Donald Newman 1945 - ?   Family enquiry
Ken Olley   Drawing Office  
George Osborne   Upholstery  
Tom Paine   Drawing Office  
Stan Parker      
Jack Peacock ?-1966   No.15 in photo
Don Peters 1943 - 1957 Aircraft  
Peter Poulter      
Stuart Pringle 1965 only    
Harold Rathbone      
Jean Richardson   Office  
Bill Seymour      
Fred Scarret ?-1966   No.6 in photo
Tom Smith   Coach finisher - wood  
Bill Stoneham      
Stan "Choggie" Stoneham ?-1966   No.18 in photo
Christy Tyler      

Paddy "Bill" Walsh

?-1966   No.10 in photo
John Wilkinson      
John Williams     No.13 in photo
C.W.P. Williams      
Ernest Worledge wartime - 1966 Finishing shop - glass  
John Wren      
Alf Wren      

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