Sold on Ebay in June 2007, KTC 330C is really worth saving for restoration. It was Harrington's 1964 motor show Grenadier (outside display park) and subsequent winner of many rally awards. It would be a terrible shame if this one ended up as a caravan conversion. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Winner Class C Brighton 1965

Class driving award winner Blackpool Rally 1965

Winner class trophy concours Blackpool Coach rally 1966

Winner class D concours Blackpool Coach rally 1968

Comment from Blackpool Coach rally March 1968 (two years after Harrington ceased production)

"Perhaps the writer's favourite vehicle though was KTC 330C the Harrington bodied Reliance of Warburton Brothers (Bury) Ltd. with which the driver Ernie Salisbury had won awards in both 1965 and 1966, and which is perhaps best remembered for the argument it had with the rocks during the former year. The only word to describe this machine was immaculate. Its ivory and black paintwork, ideally suited to Harrington Cavalier design absolutely shone, and it was a tribute to Warburtons and driver Ernie Salisbury who is claimed to keep it in this state even through the height of a busy season. It well deserved the concours class award which it received".

Terry Shaw, writing in "Buses" June 1968 about Warburton's Grenadier entry at the 8th National Coach rally at Blackpool.

(There is a slight error in referring to the Grenadier as a Cavalier, but the sentiment is clear - Webmaster)

Photographs © Angela Hall, used by permission.