LJ 9501 leaving Cobham Bus Museum.

All exterior photographs © N. Abbott. Used by permission

LJ 9501 update for 2006

Photographs © Mark Farrall

Restoration continued with a new owner. Unfortunately the original type Albion petrol engine was found to have sustained cracks to the crankshaft bearing caps and was deemed beyond reasonable repair in the immediate future. It has not been scrapped however and is retained for static display or perhaps eventual salvation. In the mean time a Gardner diesel of appropriate year has been substituted. This installation is typical of the type of modifications that were made to many half cab coaches when they were in operation. Note the extention between the radiator and the bulkhead to accomodate the longer engine.


LJ 9501 AlbionLJ 9501 Albion


Photographs taken by Terry Fletcher during the 2010 Manchester to Harrogate run.